Running A Souvenir Shop


Souvenirs are all about making memorable moments last. A physical remembrance of an event or experience. It may seem out of style, considering how almost anyone who travels carry with them cameras and other devices they can use to document their experiences. However, a souvenir shop remains a nice business to start in places that gets significant number of visitors. It can be a very lucrative business if done right.

Running a souvenir shop faces the same challenges as all stores that sell products. The main difference is that a souvenir shop is a  more relaxed operation. The customers come from different places. It makes for fun and interesting encounters. It is perfect for those who enjoy meeting new people from different cultures.

Successful souvenir shops have several things in common. The first one is that they offer products unique to the local culture and are actually locally-made products. It makes the experience more extraordinary.

Excellent service. The person running the shop must be a willing story teller. People who travel tend to be very interested in learning about the places they visit. Tales from a local tend to be very well-appreciated.

Another part of excellent service is the packaging. One of the most annoying part of traveling is buying stuff and finding out that some were damaged during transport. Gift boxes and paper bags have an important role in running a souvenir shop. Cushioned versions of these packaging materials can protect fragile items during their trip back to their home.

The Fast Food Industry

The fast food industry reflects our entire society. A society that is based on fast-paced lifestyles and wherein people are always on the move as they look to accomplish as much as possible in the littlest amount of time.

fast food cartonThe fast food industry provides the convenience that everyone seems to be in dire need of. That is why the industry is very successful and still growing as other countries are developing and adapting fast-paced lifestyle of the western world.

There industry is dominated by multi-billion dollar companies whose fast food cartons and paper carrier bags are known to almost everyone. These companies provide franchising opportunities for entrepreneurs. The franchise for these companies can be quite expensive for startups.

This does not mean that a startup entrepreneur cannot get into the industry. It is important to remember that the biggest companies now also started out small. A startup can set up his or her own independent fast food establishment. The required initial investment will be significantly smaller than getting a franchise.

The important thing when going into an independent fast food endeavor is knowing about the food industry as a whole. One must make sure that he or she has the ability to create products with consistent quality.

A knowledge in gastronomy and creating systems for the most efficient preparation of products is critical. Knowing how to market the business and develop brand through different media also plays a key role to the success of the business.

Pastry Packaging and Corrugated Cartons

When it comes to pastry business, appearances matter a great deal. The presentation of the food products is limited to only the food itself but also includes the packaging. Pastries are luxury food and the pastry cartons must be designed in such a way that compliments its luxurious nature.

The corrugated cartons are one of the most widely used material for packaging. It is cheap and easy to produce and offers a sturdy structure that protects the products within. Its structure also makes it possible to stack packages such as the case with corrugated carton boxes. It is only sensible for any pastry business looking to minimize packaging cost to investigate the viability of corrugated cartons as pastry boxes.

Unfortunately, the finish quality of corrugated cartons is simply not suitable for pastry packaging which requires a significant amount of fancy feel to it. Its positive qualities such as rigidity is moot when it comes to pastry.

With pastry and similar food products, there really is no need for a very sturdy packaging. If you drop a cake, no type of packaging is going to protect it from getting ruined. As such, the focus is mainly on the appearance.

Thin laminated cardboards are the way to go. The laminating process gives it sufficient strength, good looking finish and resistance to heat and moisture. It is also easier to print which is quite advantageous as design and customization is very important tools in marketing.

What To Do With Extra Boxes

Do you have extra boxes around your house that you no longer use? Are you wondering what to do with them? Here are ways on how to store and even use extra boxes that you no longer need today but is still in good condition and can still be used in the near future.

Which boxes to keep/toss: Much of my plan is the same as this helpful guide from last year from Apartment Therapy. The site recommends keeping tech boxes (for things like tablets and digital cameras) because those gadgets will be more valuable with the original packaging when you resell them. Even if you don’t plan to resell them, it makes sense to hold onto the boxes until the warranty runs out, in case you need to send the devices back for repair.

Appliance boxes, on the other hand, can be tossed after a few weeks when you know you’ll be keeping them, since, the site says, “packaging for kitchen and home appliances do not usually affect resale value as much as electronics, and their larger size takes up too much room.”

How to store the boxes: Storing boxes flat when possible can also save a ton of space, but the only problem with breaking down boxes is there’s usually Styrofoam packaging too. However, you could nest boxes within each other if some of them don’t need the internal packaging.

Some good hiding places for these boxes include attic crawl spaces, attic eaves, that semi-useless area under the stairs, and other out-of-the way places.

Boxes should not be wasted after they are use. They can still be recycled and used for another time. It is just a matter of keeping them in good condition.

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